Welcome to PEN-CP Online Platform POP

PEN-CP,  the Pan-European Network of Customs Practitioners – EU Horizon 2020 funded Customs security practitioner project – acts as a European Customs innovation boosting network, powered by an innovation-centric online platform, and tailored innovation intermediary services.

PEN-CP focuses on accelerating innovation efforts across three core Customs technical areas: Data and risk management; Detection technologies; and Laboratory equipment. We have a broad variety of innovation and knowledge instruments in use, including Technology grants, Challenge competitions, Innovation awards, Annual studies and Expert reports. Across our activities, we aim to connect innovation-spirited Customs officers, helping them to ‘find friends in Customs innovation’.

The vision is to become a robust & permanent Customs innovation boosting network, helping to accelerate both incremental and radical innovations, for the direct benefit of Customs administrations in Europe and even beyond.

The H2020 grant for PEN-CP runs from August 2018 until January 2025 - any ideas and suggestions towards setting up PEN-CP 2.0, from February 2025 onwards (with multi-year duration), are most welcome; please feel free to send an email about your ideas to pen-cp@cross-border.org