PEN-CP innovation instruments and innovation events

PEN-CP innovation instruments and innovation events

PEN-CP is an active innovation network of European customs practitioners. The network publishes calls on open innovation instruments and events to find solutions for contemporary customs challenges. 

Indicate your interest to participate in the calls which are currently open by sending email to The call types are the following:

  • Prototype grants: Co-develop and field test promising technologies with customs practitioners
  • Challenge competitions: Submit your blueprint to solve a specific customs problem, and receive seed funding towards making it a reality
  • Hackathons: Unleash your IT development and programming skills, in an intensive session to design and pilot algorithms and tools, for the brighter future of digital customs
  • Crowdsourcing ideas: Submit your out-of-the-box ideas to gain recognition and fame as a forward-thinking customs innovator
  • Innovation awards and prizes: Share the outcomes of your innovative customs projects to claim a trophy of excellence
  • PEN-tournaments: Demonstrate your skills in head-to-head competitions against other experts from the customs community
  • Expert reports: Produce a consulting report on a specific topic of customs interest

Closed group: membership will be accepted upon invitation (or validation of a request by an administrator of the group).

Pan-European Network of Customs Practitioners, PEN-CP (, is a 5-year EU Horizon 2020 funded security practitioner network -project, with 13 European customs administrations – both EU and non-EU – as active partners. In short, PEN-CP can be described as ‘a Novel Customs Innovation Boosting Network and On-line Platform, offering Valuable Innovation Intermediary Services’.

PEN-CP’s endeavour is to establish a customs practitioner network which facilitates translating customs security research and innovation ideas and requirements into scalable, viable solutions, technologies, and process improvements that would help European customs administrations to overcome the challenges of the contemporary customs and border management security. The project started in September 2018 and will finish in January 2024.

Specifically, PEN-CP has the following four main objectives:

  • Derive and articulate common needs for customs security research, innovation and standardization.
  • Accelerate and coordinate efficient uptake of customs security innovations and related investments.
  • Build substantial synergies and interoperability with existing European, global and national networks of security practitioners.
  • Ensure long-term sustainability and success of the PEN-CP customs practitioner network

Open calls for Expert Reports

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Open calls for Innovation Awards and Prizes

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